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vrumi-logo-strap-xlI like big ideas. I like challenging the norm. I like being creative.

For the past 18 months, I have been working on a very exciting project, disrupting perceptions of space in the home and at work. Vrumi has enabled businesses everywhere to rent workspace by the day in beautiful homes up and down the country. The proposition is simple: rent homes by the day for work purposes. It’s a win-win situation – the householder earns extra money for space they weren’t using, and the guest gets their perfect place to work.

Content is key for Vrumi. From acquiring new users and cultivating a community to aiding visitors get the most from the service and stay up to date with company news, and it was my job to generate and manage the content that would help them do just that.

Social Media

Having joined the company in its early stages, I developed and grew Vrumi’s social media platforms using a combination of campaigns, social influencers, paid advertising and community interaction.


Example of paid Facebook advertising.


Keeping the blog up to date, relevant and on brand was pivotal to my role. From interviews with Vrumi hosts and social influencers, to light-hearted entertaining posts, factual research pieces and commissioning guest pieces from our partners, the blog was a resource for attracting new users, increasing return rates and improving customer journey.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 18.10.11.png

A snippet of the blog.

Web Copy

Speaking of User Journey, it was important that all copy throughout the website be clear, concise and informative. I helped to develop a tone of voice for the brand that was easily identifiable and worked with a specialist UX agency to deliver web copy that enhanced the user experience. I wrote everything from the About Us page, to the How it Works and Be a Host pages, complete with FAQ’s.


A few examples of the copy for Vrumi’s workspace collections.

In addition to content creation, it was very important to myself and the team that we constantly collect data in order to keep improving. I would record data using Google Analytics and Mixpanel, as well as using Facebook and Twitter’s own data tools and create monthly reports and strategies that would propel us into the coming months.

Guiding me through all of this work was an incredible and supportive team. We may have been small but we were mighty – Viva Vrumi!

The Debrief

The Debrief

The Debrief

Everyone has a favourite website, one that they can spend hours on, reading article upon article and just marvelling at how bloody brilliant it is. Mine is The Debrief. So, naturally when they advertised they had a few work placements available, I made like the wind and applied, gushing about how much I loved their stuff and trying to crack a few terrible jokes all whilst looking totally trustworthy and organised and the perfect girl for the job.

I heard nothing back for weeks.

Finally, I got a call from Chemmie Squier, Editorial Assistant, saying they had my chosen placement in January ready for me. I couldn’t believe my luck.

The placement was everything I hoped it would be, the girls at The Debrief were hilarious and amazing and inspiring and I got to do some very cool things, such as:

Pitching, Researching, Writing

Every morning, the team has a meeting to discuss what’s in the news that day and what would be best for the site, what kind of thing ‘our girl’ would read. I was made to feel at home right away, and felt totally comfortable pitching articles and discussing different ideas. Plus, there was always a bit of sex chat which was brilliant at 10:30 AM.

As well as that, I wrote for and contributed to a few articles on the site here, here and here.

Call Ins

Calling in items for photoshoots felt like free shopping, except everything had to go back and didn’t fit me anyway. Still, picking up parcels from The Outnet, Net-a-Porter, ASOS etc. from the courier room felt like Christmas.

I called in products for this shoot and this shoot.


Transciribing gets a bad rap, and yes it does take a long time. But, during my placement I transcribed interviews about the Berlin Megabrothel, the Casual Vacancy and one with Grace frickin’ Helbig. Transcribing? More like… funscribing? (Sorry.)

As well as this, one afternoon I assisted a photoshoot for party cocktails and it was my job to taste them. The Debrief = The Best.

Glam UK

Glam UK

Glam UK

As an aspiring writer/journalist, it’s been my aim to gain as much experience as possible, and when I was offered the role as Lifestyle and Food Editorial Intern at Glam UK¬†from November – December 2014, I jumped at the chance.

Glam UK is the women’s fashion and lifestyle website run by the international media corporation, Mode Media, who market top bloggers like Tess Ward, Beauty Crush,¬†The Londoner and many many more (their address book is to die for…) My role was hands on straight from the beginning and I had the chance to help the fantastic Food and Lifestyle Editor, Charlotte Jones with so many different things, including:

Writing, writing, and more writing!

It was so exciting to be asked to create my own articles, which you can read here. Amongst my favourites to research and write were 5 Favourite Tales from East London and Playlist: Beat the Winter Blues.


Another great thing about Mode is the support they give to emerging bloggers, and one of my jobs was to research the bloggers they promote and post links to their content to the Glam UK website. The perfect job for a blog-addict like me.

Social Media

Hootsuite became my best friend during this internship, as I planned and scheduled social media content to go live all throughout the Christmas holidays and up to the end of January. Plus, every Tuesday we took part in #TTOT Twitter chats, which gave me the chance to brag about my travel escapades.

However, as cliched as it sounds (sorry, not sorry) it was the team at Mode that made it. I not only got to know the Editorial Team, but the Media Planning, Sales and Finance teams really well and they were all so friendly to me – I even got an invite to the staff Christmas party which was the most fun night ever, so a huge thanks goes out to them for being absolutely amazing!

P.S. I didn’t realise until a while later that I’d actually won a Glam UK competition about 3 years prior to my internship (click here to see cringe photo). It must’ve been fate!