by Chelsea Carter

vrumi-logo-strap-xlI like big ideas. I like challenging the norm. I like being creative.

For the past 18 months, I have been working on a very exciting project, disrupting perceptions of space in the home and at work. Vrumi has enabled businesses everywhere to rent workspace by the day in beautiful homes up and down the country. The proposition is simple: rent homes by the day for work purposes. It’s a win-win situation – the householder earns extra money for space they weren’t using, and the guest gets their perfect place to work.

Content is key for Vrumi. From acquiring new users and cultivating a community to aiding visitors get the most from the service and stay up to date with company news, and it was my job to generate and manage the content that would help them do just that.

Social Media

Having joined the company in its early stages, I developed and grew Vrumi’s social media platforms using a combination of campaigns, social influencers, paid advertising and community interaction.


Example of paid Facebook advertising.


Keeping the blog up to date, relevant and on brand was pivotal to my role. From interviews with Vrumi hosts and social influencers, to light-hearted entertaining posts, factual research pieces and commissioning guest pieces from our partners, the blog was a resource for attracting new users, increasing return rates and improving customer journey.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 18.10.11.png

A snippet of the blog.

Web Copy

Speaking of User Journey, it was important that all copy throughout the website be clear, concise and informative. I helped to develop a tone of voice for the brand that was easily identifiable and worked with a specialist UX agency to deliver web copy that enhanced the user experience. I wrote everything from the About Us page, to the How it Works and Be a Host pages, complete with FAQ’s.


A few examples of the copy for Vrumi’s workspace collections.

In addition to content creation, it was very important to myself and the team that we constantly collect data in order to keep improving. I would record data using Google Analytics and Mixpanel, as well as using Facebook and Twitter’s own data tools and create monthly reports and strategies that would propel us into the coming months.

Guiding me through all of this work was an incredible and supportive team. We may have been small but we were mighty – Viva Vrumi!