The Debrief

by Chelsea Carter

The Debrief

The Debrief

Everyone has a favourite website, one that they can spend hours on, reading article upon article and just marvelling at how bloody brilliant it is. Mine is The Debrief. So, naturally when they advertised they had a few work placements available, I made like the wind and applied, gushing about how much I loved their stuff and trying to crack a few terrible jokes all whilst looking totally trustworthy and organised and the perfect girl for the job.

I heard nothing back for weeks.

Finally, I got a call from Chemmie Squier, Editorial Assistant, saying they had my chosen placement in January ready for me. I couldn’t believe my luck.

The placement was everything I hoped it would be, the girls at The Debrief were hilarious and amazing and inspiring and I got to do some very cool things, such as:

Pitching, Researching, Writing

Every morning, the team has a meeting to discuss what’s in the news that day and what would be best for the site, what kind of thing ‘our girl’ would read. I was made to feel at home right away, and felt totally comfortable pitching articles and discussing different ideas. Plus, there was always a bit of sex chat which was brilliant at 10:30 AM.

As well as that, I wrote for and contributed to a few articles on the site here, here and here.

Call Ins

Calling in items for photoshoots felt like free shopping, except everything had to go back and didn’t fit me anyway. Still, picking up parcels from The Outnet, Net-a-Porter, ASOS etc. from the courier room felt like Christmas.

I called in products for this shoot and this shoot.


Transciribing gets a bad rap, and yes it does take a long time. But, during my placement I transcribed interviews about the Berlin Megabrothel, the Casual Vacancy and one with Grace frickin’ Helbig. Transcribing? More like… funscribing? (Sorry.)

As well as this, one afternoon I assisted a photoshoot for party cocktails and it was my job to taste them. The Debrief = The Best.